Everything about Frame Materials for Glasses

Everything about Frame Materials for Glasses


The materials that manufacturers use for eyeglasses aren’t just for the advantages each of them has but also for the aesthetics because the colors look different depending on what they use. This goes for the sunglasses also and you can always ask an optician for advice if you can’t decide on your own. Factors to consider include price, uniqueness, brands, durability and colors.

Plastic is Cost Effective

One of the biggest advantages plastic has over others is the price which is much lower. It is also extremely lightweight and a popular version is something called laminated zyl frame which has layered colors. If you are prone to allergies, you should go for models made of cellulose acetate propionate which is nylon-based. Most of the popular brands like Gucci Glasses will have models made of this material.

Some of the disadvantages you can experience are that they are easy to break or get damaged. It’s likely that you will have to change them after a few years if they are exposed to sunlight a lot because the color will fade and it will decrease their strength. These cons won’t be taken into notice if you maintain them properly and protect them by using a case. You should inform yourself about taking care of your glasses based on the material they are made of.

Metal is More Durable

There are a few types of metals that manufacturers use including, titanium, stainless steel, flexon, aluminum and a few more that are less popular. Titanium is a preferable option because it is corrosion-resistant, strong, durable, and lightweight compared to others in the same category. The quality of stainless steel involves low toxicity, strength and they are nickel-free which makes them hypoallergenic.

Flexon has become a popular option because it has qualities like titanium because it is its alloy but the difference is in its flexibility. You can twist and bend it and it won’t break while being corrosion-resistant, hypoallergenic and lightweight. What most popular brands will use is aluminum because you can create unique looks with it very easily. It is widely used and in its pure form, it is very soft and weak. Gather more info here: https://freeweekly.com/2019/05/24/gold-glasses-silver-jewelry-clash/

Other Materials

If you can’t find anything that suits your style, you would want to look for some alternatives. It may be a bit more expensive or a lot expensive if you desire materials like gold or buffalo horn which is usually handmade. Only high-end optical boutiques will be able to do this for you so you’ll need to do research online to find the most reputable manufacturer.

Something that you should avoid is sterling or solid silver because it isn’t practical for eyeglasses and it won’t be comfortable. For those who want gold, better use gold plating because if you take solid, it will be too heavy and you won’t be able to wear them for a longer period of time. Other options like precious stones or certain types of bones are a bit extreme but some people have gone that far.

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