How you can save Money on a Casket

Consider making a DIY coffin if you're good with tools or know someone who is. As intimidating as it may seem, it's truly a simple procedure with the appropriate instruction


There are several methods to save money on a coffin on a limited budget. When making your decision, consider what you value the most (durability, attractiveness, or sustainability, for example). Also, keep in mind that the coffin is only one part of a funeral, and you’ll probably need a grave liner, a headstone, a marker, and installation expenses. Here are some of our finest suggestions for finding cheap coffins:

1. Maintain a straightforward approach.

Avoid plush lining, choose for crepe inside instead, avoid decorative handles, and go with an off-the-shelf model rather than a bespoke one. While they are unlikely to be offered if you choose burial, the funeral home will have a selection of less expensive cremation caskets. These containers don’t have any metal parts and may be buried, and it’s not a bad idea to ask to see these possibilities as well.

2. Reject the Upsells

Grieving family and friends are frequently persuaded to purchase upsells for their deceased loved ones. The addition of protection to the coffin by vacuum sealing it with a gasket is a worthless but typical provision. For a minor charge of $700 and more, this added feature known as “gasketing” or “sealing” is believed to inhibit decomposition. These rubber gaskets are inexpensive and provide minimal protection for the body. Trapping gases can hasten degradation by promoting the growth of anaerobic bacteria.

3. Take a look around.

When choosing a provider, the memorial home and retail displays will have the highest mark-up. See if they have any discounted, discontinued, or scratch and dent caskets while you’re there. Be open about your budget; the salesman will likely appreciate it and will be more likely to discover anything at a reasonable price. Before you make a purchase, make sure you research the prices of different online casket providers. You can also utilize an online equivalent model to bargain with the funeral home they have the authority to provide a discount.

4. Lease a casket

The corpse is placed in a primary wooden container subsequently deposited into a coffin for the funeral service. After all of the legalities are completed, the wood container is taken from the rented casket. As the cost of a burial rises, this practice is becoming increasingly widespread.

One of the main advantages is the cost reduction while still having a high-quality coffin for the burial. While a simple burial container is still utilized, it is less expensive than purchasing a high-end casket. If you’re interested, your funeral home should offer some rental possibilities. Rental cheap coffins should cost between $700 to $1,300 averagely.

5. Consider going the DIY route.

Consider making a DIY coffin if you’re good with tools or know someone who is. As intimidating as it may seem, it’s truly a simple procedure with the appropriate instruction. It’s also reasonably priced, with total materials ranging from $250 to $300. It is a touching pastime to share with your loved ones. Verify that the dimensions of your plot match those of the cemetery.

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