Why Spectrum is the Most Value-Packed Internet You Can Get

Most Value-Packed Internet


Spectrum deals give you by far the highest bang for your buck, especially when it comes to the internet. At reasonable prices, you not only get consistently high download speeds but also some additional perks unique to Spectrum.

In this article, we take a look at some of the things that make Spectrum deals the most value-packed internet you can get. Let’s get started.

Competitive Per Mbps Rates

An easy way to contrast different Spectrum deals with other packages is to compare their Per Mbps rates. You take the monthly fee for a package and divide it by the maximum download speed made available for the package. This gives you the amount you’re paying for each Mbps of internet speed.

There are three Spectrum deals available in most areas. These include Spectrum Standard, Spectrum Ultra, and Spectrum Gig. The costs per Mbps for each of these Spectrum deals turn out to be $0.25, $0.18, and $0.09 respectively. So the higher the speed, the less you pay per Mbps. These rates are quite reasonable when compared to similar packages by other Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Consistent Speeds, Even At Peak Times

There is one problem with using Mbps rates to compare different packages. The top download speed advertised by the ISP isn’t always what you actually get. This is due to something called “throttling”,where the ISP limits your bandwidth to avoid congestion in the network at peak usage times. So this comparison isn’t always apples to apples.

All ISPs employ throttling to some degree. Spectrum uses a hybrid fiber-coaxial network with DOCSIS 3.1 specifications, allowing for greater total bandwidth than possible with coaxial networks. Higher network bandwidth means less congestion at peak times. The ISP doesn’t have to throttle extensively, so you get high speeds consistently.

You can find packages offering lower per Mbps rates than Spectrum deals. But if they don’t use a fiber network, you probably won’t get the advertised speed most of the time.

High Speeds, Everywhere

Spectrum speeds aren’t just consistent temporally but also spatially. Unlike many other ISPs, Spectrum doesn’t offer low speeds in any of its service areas. If Spectrum is available in your region, you’ll at least get a max download speed of 300 Mbps. You can also get higher speeds if other Spectrum deals are available. Visit buytvinternetphone.com to see internet plans from Spectrum and other providers available in your area.

Free Out-of-Home Wi-Fi

Spectrum has a vast network of Wi-Fi hotspots all over its service areas across the US. When you’re outside and find yourself in one of these hotspots, you can connect to the Wi-Fi and save your mobile data. Spectrum also has a map of all its Wi-Fi hotspots in the US that you can use to find the nearest hotspot. Spectrum Out-of-Home Wi-Fi is free for all Spectrum Internet users.

Free Wi-Fi 6 Router

Wi-Fi 6 is the latest installment in Wi-Fi technology. It uses various new standards to improve the speed, bandwidth, and reliability of wireless networks. Wi-Fi 6 routers can communicate with multiple devices at the same time with lower bit error rates than ever before. This significantly improves the latency of connections, bringing Wi-Fi 6 on par with wired networks.

Low latency is invaluable for gamers. This is why gamers often connect their PCs directly to the router, but this can be cumbersome. Some gamers pay top dollar to get gaming Wi-Fi routers that use Wi-Fi 6 so they can play competitively on laptops and mobile devices as well. Spectrum gives you a free Wi-Fi 6 router with your subscription, allowing for faster connections and lower latency.

No Contracts, No Data Caps

ISPs that offer other benefits in addition to the internet connection often make you sign contract deals that don’t allow you to switch providers. You have to pay an early termination fee if you decide to switch anyway. Such ISPs also often throttle speeds extensively for their overcrowded networks with limited bandwidth. Many ISPs also place data caps on your subscription and charge you extra for exceeding the limit.

Spectrum is confident in customer satisfaction with its services, which is why Spectrum deals are contract-free. There are also no data caps, so you can enjoy unlimited downloads without any overage fees.

Peacock Subscription Included

Spectrum has a new limited-time offer that makes you eligible for a free three-month premium subscription to Peacock with spectrum internet. That’s $4.99 in value per month. With Peacock, you can stream all CBS media along with more than 50 channels including NBC and SYFY.

See Available Spectrum Deals in Your Area

Spectrum Internet Standard is available in all of Spectrum’s service areas. Other Spectrum packages are also available in many regions. Visit buytvinternetphone.com to see the Spectrum deals available for you.

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