4 Bali Tourist Villages as the Best Cultural Tourism Destinations

Cultural Tourism Destinations


Tourist village or traditional village is one of Bali best tourist places that keeps a lot of culture from the local community. Not just one or two, but many traditional villages with different characteristics spread in Bali.

So far, Panglipuran Traditional Village is the single most famous and visited village. However, on the other hand, many other villages are no less interesting and unique to visit with friends, family, or loved ones.

Unique  Tourist Village  that You Must Visit when in Bali

1. Panglipuran Village

As previously mentioned, Panglipuran Village is a village from the Kubu community origin, Bangli. The location is in the highlands, so the air is very cool. The term Panglipuran comes from the word Pangeling Pura which means the name of a holy place to commemorate ancestral spirits. All house buildings in this village also have a unique shape connected by a hallway.

Another uniqueness is the rule that does not allow men in this village to have more wives than 1. If this happens, he will be exiled to Karang Medu. The Best Tourist Attractions And Things To Do In Spain | Eiretrip

2. Tigawasa Village

The following traditional village, Tigawasa, is located in Banjar District, Buleleng. Tourists who come to this place can see the beautiful expanse of rice fields and natural strongholds or a village stopover from the direction of Denpasar – Singaraja.

Not only enjoying the natural atmosphere, but tourists can also interact with local people to learn about culture, traditions, and various customs. One of the most popular is the cremation ceremony or Ngaben.

3. Sidatapa Village

Still the same around Banjar District, Sidatapa Village is located not far from Tigawasa. One of the attractions of this village is the old building called Bale Gajah Tumpang Salu, whose walls are made of soil with 12 wooden pillars.

It is said that this building has been around since 785 AD, that’s quite a long time, isn’t it? That’s why it’s not surprising that this village is called an old village that is rich in history being told from generation to generation. The building consists of several parts, called the Tri Mandala or a building that functions as a place for praying.

4. Cempaga Village

Cempaga Village is also still in the Banjar District area, Buleleng. This village is no less attractive because it is rich in unique and sacred history, traditions and culture.

Some of them are the Jangkang Dance, Ari Bariss, Rejang Dance and Pendet Dance. Furthermore, the Mecacar Ceremony is often carried out in conjunction with the Galungan or Kuningan Ceremonies.

Those are 4 traditional villages that must be visited while in Bali. Not only cultural tourism or learning new things, but you can also buy various typical souvenirs that the villages sell.

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