Advantages and disadvantages of glass pipes

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In the past, glass bongs were still an expensive purchase and therefore not as widely represented as they are now. But with mass production, competition and multitude of brands in the market, nowadays they are easily affordable and thus enjoy the greatest popularity.

Advantages of glass pipes

First of all, it should be mentioned that glass creates a high-quality appearance and with this material you have the possibility of a more individual design. In addition, glass is insensitive to temperature, which, together with careful maintenance, leads to a long service life. Also, premium online headshop store glass often comes with accessories that are not available on other types of bongs or are imitated with inferior quality. In this sense, the percolator and diffuser chillum may be that, to a certain extent, they are only found in glass bongs or originated with them.

The lighter flavor neutrality compared to other bong materials is another advantage of glass bongs. The reason is that glass does not give off any taste of its own and cannot absorb contaminants into the material. As a result, there is no unpleasant aftertaste as occurs sooner or later with the other acrylic, silicone and ceramic materials.

In addition, the frame and floor joints of glass hookahs are usually constructed in such a way as to ensure almost airless passage. This allows increasing the quality of the smoke. But not only is the quality of the smoke, but also the greater ease of cleaning thanks to the standard ground joints an additional advantage. Just plug in the outlets and you can fill the cleaning solution into the smoke tube and let it take effect. Additionally, glass bongs offer near-perfect compatibility with all non-toxic, food-safe cleaning products. For example Way of sour cream can be mentioned. But cleaning in the dishwasher is also an option, if the size of the hookah allows it.

Disadvantages of glass pipes

Glass is still glass, no matter how much manufacturers promote their glass bongs. This means that it is still heavy and fragile. Therefore, care must be taken when using and storing the glass, as well as when cleaning it. Manufacturer warranties do not apply to careless self-inflicted damage with glass bongs. What does this mean to you? If you want to transport your hookah often or have it with you outdoors at festivals or camping trips, it would make sense to consider a different material. This way you will enjoy your beloved glass hookah even longer.

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