All About the Track-Focused BMW M 1000 RR

All About the Track-Focused BMW M 1000 RR


BMW has revealed its M 1000 RR. It’s based on the gorgeous and super quick S 1000 RR superbike and is a homologation special bike that meets WSBK specs. This is the first road-legal motorcycle to have been introduced under the brand’s M Division that is renowned for making high-performance BMWs. We dig into the details of this new motorcycle.

Stealth fighter

The BMW M 1000 RR looks properly aggressive and looks identical to the S 1000 RR. The new bike features carbon-fibre winglets that BMW bikes calls ‘M-winglets’. These winglets ensure maximum aerodynamic downforce at high speeds of up to 300kph. One of the benefits of having these winglets is reducing the risk of pulling off a wheelie under hard acceleration. It also helps keep the front wheel down while braking hard and betters stability around corners. We find the paintwork particularly distinctive too. The bike also features a taller windscreen. Equipment includes a 6.5-inch TFT screen and an OBD interface.


A few alterations have been made to the S 1000 RR’s inline-four engine, but what it retains is the ShiftCam technology with variable valve timing and lift. The M 1000 RR is powered by a 999cc engine that makes 209bhp and 113Nm of torque. The M variant produces more than the S variant, which should help on the race of moving truck. The gearing has been tweaked too and it sports a lightweight Akrapovic titanium full exhaust system. It sprints from 0-100kph 0.2 seconds faster than the S 1000 RR.

Tech talk

It also features a lot of electronic aids like five ride modes: Rain, Road, Dynamic, Race and Race Pro. It even comes with traction control, wheelie control and engine brake settings. You also get a bi-directional quick-shifter, launch control, pit lane speed limited and Hill Start Pro.

Lighter than ever

Apart from the engine, the chassis has been altered to have the bike handle better. The frame of the motorcycle is made from aluminium while the wheelbase has been increased, thanks to a longer swingarm. BMW have also worked hard to ensure the bike is as light as possible, weighing in at 192kgs, chiefly because of the M carbon wheels and the lighter exhaust. It boasts of Nissin brakes while the calipers get an M-division specific blue paint. BMW also claims the bike is quicker and more agile on a track.

There is also an M competition package that offers a wide range of components to add to your bike. It inclu

des a lighter swingarm. M GPS lap-trigger software, M milled parts package, a tail hump cover and the new DLC-coated, maintenance-free M-Endurance chain.  Also, grab the latest info on the new bikes, only at autoX.

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