Allergy to the sun, how to protect yourself?

Allergy to the sun, how to protect yourself

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the temperatures are climbing … For sure, summer is here! This season long awaited by some is a real ordeal for others. Especially for those who suffer from summer lucite, an allergy to the sun that comes as soon as the sunny days come.

Although benign in most cases, benign summer lucite can be very restrictive when summer comes back. This condition mainly affects women aged 14 to 35 years of all skin types, and we do not really know its origin.


About 12 hours after exposure to the sun, small red pimples, blisters or papules appear on the skin, accompanied by itching. The eruption can occur at the neckline, on the shoulders, arms, legs, back of the hands and feet … In short, on virtually all body members that are exposed, except on the face that is constantly exposed to UV rays and is therefore “desensitized”.

In general, the redness disappears after about ten days, provided you do not expose yourself to the sun. In addition, the intensity of the rashes is less and less marked over the exposures.



Some precautions to take if you suffer from benign summer lucitis:

  • The most radical, but also the most effective, solution is to avoid exposure to the sun. Be careful, the sun’s rays can cause an allergy even through a window, a windshield or an umbrella.
  • If you do not have the choice to expose yourself, wear hats and clothing that will prevent UV rays from reaching your skin. Expose gradually, avoid the hours when the UV radiation is the strongest (between 12h and 16h).
  • Sunscreen does not prevent allergies from occurring, but it is essential to prevent premature aging of the skin and prevent cancer. Opt for sun protection with UVA / UVB filters and a protection rating greater than 30.
  • One month before the exposure, prepare your skin with a course of food supplements such as beta-carotene (which is also found in the carrot), to associate with selenium, and vitamins E and C which reinforce the self-protection of the skin . Calcium and omega-3 are also effective.


The benign lucitis does not really cure, it disappears of itself after a few days. To promote his disappearance:

  • Stay in the shade the first days after the push.
  • Visit your doctor who will prescribe a corticoid ointment and antihistamine to relieve itching. Be careful not to expose yourself to the sun with corticoid ointment!

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