An Insight into Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeries

An Insight into Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeries


Revision rhinoplasty is complex corrective nose surgery. Cosmetic surgeons perform this operation to rectify the aesthetic and functional issues of initial rhinoplasty surgery. These include minor breathing difficulties, nasal blockage, crooked nose, bumps, or nasal tip deformities. It is one of the most difficult surgical operations which they generally carry out.

How to prepare for a revision rhinoplasty operation?

You might not be happy with your initial rhinoplasty operation. The outcome of the surgery might not be up to your expectations. You might want to undergo another corrective operation to resolve the issues of the first one.

You need to first find a reliable cosmetic surgeon with the necessary experience in performing revision rhinoplasty operations. You have to schedule an appointment with him and explain your problem. He will instruct you to take the following steps:

  • Wait until the nose completely heals,
  • Collect all the pre-operation photos and medical reports of the initial rhinoplasty surgery, and
  • Give you a price estimate of how much the corrective surgery costs.

After carrying out a thorough physical checkup, the surgeon will instruct you to:

  • Avoid taking aspirin or any anti-inflammatory drugs prior to the operation,
  • Refrain from smoking tobacco products,
  • Abstain from drinking alcohol for a few days.
  • When to take your last meal before the surgery


During a Revision Rhinoplasty operation, the cosmetic surgeon will:

  • Examine the nose to determine its present condition
  • Administer general anesthesia on the area,
  • Make various internal and external incisions to the nose,
  • Reshape the bones, cartilages and various soft tissues to correct structural abnormalities, and
  • Stitch up incisions and apply external splints to allow the nose to heal.


After the operation is over, the surgeon will allow you to go home. He will insist on you:

  • Take complete rest for at least seven days,
  • Regularly take the medicines the surgeon prescribes to reduce the swelling,
  • Visit the surgeon after a week for a thorough checkup, and
  • Resume normal activities after the surgeon removes the external splints

Factors influencing the cost of the surgery

The price you pay to undergo the operation depends on the following factors:

  • The complexity of the surgery,
  • Costs of the anesthesia and medicines,
  • Surgeon’s fees
  • Hospital or clinic costs, and
  • Cost of inserting necessary implants

How to choose the right cosmetic surgeon?

Consider the following when choosing the right surgeon:

  • Browse through his previous customers’ reviews on his website,
  • Ensure he has the proper Board certifications,
  • Assess whether he has adequate experience, skills, and qualifications in conducting this surgery,
  • Go through the prior and after-operation photos of his previous patients.
  • He should give all his patients personalized attention.
  • Check the comfort factor you have with the surgeon, as this is important as well.

Revision Rhinoplasty enables you to correct the abnormalities of your initial nose job. However, it is a complex operation. The cosmetic surgeon you choose to perform the surgery should have the necessary skills, experience, and board certifications. He should even have a valid license to conduct the surgery. Above all, he should give you personalized attention throughout the operation.

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