EQUALITY: the most difficult currency to apply.



FREEDOM EQUALITY FRATERNITY, of these three currencies of the French Republic Equality is without doubt the most difficult to respect. Indeed, what is more unequal at birth than a child from a poor family with few resources and no heritage and another child from the rich family with ample resources and especially a consequent heritage. The declaration of human rights remains wishful thinking without any translation into reality and especially without anything being done to apply it. In these holidays and return on the fundamental values: the child in the nursery, the homeless, the sharing of the cake, the gifts to children, the three wise men, the Christmas tree, it would be wise to to question the means of achieving this equality.

All men are born free and equal in rights.

This principle is the end of the society of privileges, in which the enjoyment of rights must be ensured without distinction as to sex of race, religion of social origin or fortune. And this is where the rubbish … because the social origin and especially the fortune will make diverge strongly means including financial available to the citizens.

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Taxation should therefore correct these inequalities at birth and recognize this principle of equality.

Inequality is more important for wealth than income.

The wealth of the richest 10% is 627 times larger than the richest 10%. As for the average wealth, it is 10 times lower than that of the richest. A first step could be to limit the transfer of inheritance to 3 or 4 times the average inheritance (including direct online). in concrete terms, this implies that all heritages over € 500,000 would be 100% taxed at the time of succession.

The income level of the richest 10% is only 7 times higher than that of the poorest 10%.

As we can see, fraternity (social welfare) and taxation largely correct income inequality, but not wealth inequality. The 1% of the richest alone hold 25% of the wealth of the French is 25% of 9500 billion euros accumulated wealth = 2375 billion euros enough to fuel inequalities at birth.

How then to tax inequalities?

A difficult subject to treat because if we tax the capital, the fortunes are exiled in the tax havens, if one taxes the income, the profits are then lodged in countries with a low taxation (Ireland, The Netherlands , Luxembourg) or simply not repatriated as in the United States (Apple for example). The solution would not be rather to tax the expense or the turnover where it is realized. This is the purpose of the TGA generalized tax on purchases where all expenses (purchases or business figures) would be taxed regardless of the nationality or provenance of the property concerned.

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Thus, when the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia buys the most expensive house in the world in France, he would be taxed and thus participate in the social and structural expenses of France,

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