Faii Ong – Meet the Founder Behind GyroGlove

Faii Ong - Meet the Founder Behind GyroGlove


Ever since its inception, GyroGlove has been popular for its unique ability to control involuntary shaking of the hand, prevalent in patients suffering from nerve disorders like Parkinson’s Disease and Essential Hand Tremors. This glove deploys the use of gyroscopes that are found in the toys of children, like spinning tops, to keep the hand upright so that it does not drop or spill things.

Faii Ong – Improving the lives of millions

Faii Ong is the CEO and the Founder of GyroGear, an esteemed company that deals with wearable technology. He graduated from the Harvard Medical School, Department of Medicine. He has invaluable expertise in the fields of tissue engineering, stem cell culture, biomaterials, stem cell isolation, biomedical science, regenerative medicine, stem cell isolation, stem cell differentiation, and bone tissue engineering. He is the co-author of several valuable medical publications relating to the above topics.

When it comes to the creation of GyroGlove, he says a personal incident with a 103-year-old patient at a hospital in England when he had just completed his graduation changed his life and prompted him to create the GyroGlove. He noticed that her involuntary shaking of hands caused her to spill the soup she was drinking all over her dress. As he cleaned her up with the help of the nurses, he asked them what was wrong with the woman. However, they were unsure as her condition could not be medically ascertained accurately.

A personal experience that shocked him

This incident shook him so badly that he decided to do something that would change the fate of millions of people who suffered from Parkinson’s Disease and Essential hand tremors. He went back to his childhood, where he used to play with toys with gyroscopes that are kept upright with spinning. He similarly took these discs and made them spin faster with a jet engine’s aid that can be applied to the hand. These discs resist the movement, and the overall effect feels as if you can move the hand through any viscous treacle. This helps you to move the hand and stabilize the tremors at the same time.

The GyroGlove deploys intelligent electronics for tracking the progress of this disease via a smartphone. The information can be displayed on the phone, and this technology can be offered to the patients, their families, caregivers, and doctors that offer patients and their family’s valuable insights into the condition of nerve disorders.

Faii Ong states that the GyroGlove stands out primarily because of its simplicity. It is reliable, compact, and very easy for the patient to use. Since it is based on wearable technology, he and his team of medical experts seek to bridge gaps in medical treatment that involves deep brain stimulation. This procedure is not feasible for everyone as it is invasive and involves a lot of costs. For instance, take the case of brain surgery; it will be expensiveandt cause a lot of distress to the patient and his/her famill. Compared to the above, the GyroGlove is a better and safer option for managing nervous system conditions with essential hand tremors.

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