How to go about playing fantasy cricket

fantasy cricket


What is fantasy cricket? It means that you develop a team virtually and complete with each other on the virtual platform. The team is formed from a total of 22 players and you have to formulate 11 players of your choice. You are going to have a team ready before the first ball of the game. When you win a fantasy game you are entitled to real cash and numerous exciting prizes in the form of smartphones along with other gadgets is on offer.

The manner by which you indulge in fantasy cricket

So as to make it big in fantasy cricket you have to possess the skills along with knowledge required to be making money on this app. But the game plan is rewarding and simple to play as well

  • First you need to select an upcoming game fixture
  • From a total of 22 players you have to select 11 players
  • At the most you can choose 7 players from a team
  • The choice of the captain and the vice- captain is important
  • There are maximum credits allotted and you need to choose in a wise way

Take note that a captain is credited with 2 x points and the vice- captain 1.5 X points. In fact there exists a possibility of winning great rewards and possibility of winning real cash exists.

The reasons to play fantasy cricket

Cricket is a game that all of us tend to love from your childhood days. In a country like India we breathe and play the sport and it would be fair to say it is a form of religion in our country. By playing online fantasy cricket you have an opportunity you debate around the players and choose a team of 11 players.

Playing fantasy cricket at your own leisure

First and foremost you need to register on the app with your mobile number or email id. Just verify with your OTP and you are ready to go

  • Then go on to choose an upcoming match. You have to select one of the games that is live on the application
  • Then comes stage 3 which is formation of a team. At the most you may create multiple teams and the choice of a captain and vice – captain is vital. Every app has their own restrictions when it comes to the choice of teams. In a way you are allotted around 100 credits to form a team of your choice.
  • There are a series of leagues or contexts on offer as you can join with a minimum amount as well.
  • Keep a stock of the performance of the players. Once the match starts based on the performance of the players their points are credited. The better performance levels of your team more is the number of points credited to your account. In this manner you will be aware that your choice of 11 players was a beneficial one.
  • One of the major benefits of playing fantasy cricket is that you play to win.

The process of formulating a fantasy team

A proper research on the selected players is essential to decide on the playing again. There are icons adjacent to the player in an online fantasy cricket league with points beside them. You have to tap on them and the player would be chosen. A major point of consideration is that the choice of the captain and vice- captain is vital in your team. If both the players click it could turn out to be the difference between winning and losing a game.

To be winning at fantasy cricket is a test of your skill , patience along with perseverance levels. The need of the hour is a proper level of research to put your hard earned money into playing the game of your choice. In a league there are a number of specific positions that is specific to them. Since it is game specific it is displayed on the top hand corner of the app. Take note of the fact you will be eligible for a prize if you happen to fall in that category. A suggestion is do not put all your money at a single go. Instead take your time and play the practice contexts. Slowly and steadily you will pick up the tricks of the trade and would begin to play like a professional.

The reasons to indulge in fantasy sports

Playing fantasy sports allows a player to make use of their expert levels of skill and knowledge. It works out to be an ideal platform for all sport enthusiasts who possess superior level of analytical skills. With the aid of the above knowledge for the upcoming matches they can formulate a fantasy team of their choice. But playing fantasy game is not an easy task and there are various reasons for you to indulge in the same

  • As compared to other users you understand sports better and then you could utilize it. So the time is right to download the fantasy app and indulge in real sports.
  • With the aid of your sports knowledge you can earn enormous amount of cash. In most of the apps you are given a welcome bonus, but there is a small entry fee for joining the app. By investing a small amount you can make it big.
  • It is possible to become a part of the sports community where it is possible to share your knowledge about sports. This is going to influence the crowd in a major way
  • When you are playing fantasy cricket it is going to increase your interest in a game
  • You might be having an idea about the players along with the pitch reports. If you feel that you have knowledge about cricket then fantasy sports is the best place to showcase your skills

To conclude there are numerous benefits of fantasy cricket. A testimony to this fact is the rise in the number of fantasy apps in the last few years.

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