How to Protect Your Privacy When Your Laptop Gets Repaired?

Your Laptop Gets Repaired


There are several companies that use certain types of computer systems to protect and keep their important data. It requires both money and time to fix human error, malware and virus issues, hardware failure, and operating system crashes. A qualified technician can offer first-rate laptop repair service. However,  if you have a shortage of time, you can also search out for laptop repair at home options. Follow these critical steps to make sure that your data is safe.

  • Backup

Create a folder and keep all your sensitive data there. Just copy all your important files to this particular folder. Burn the sensible data to a disc. You can even move the files to any USB flash drive which can hold these files. By using a particular program, for example, Eraser, remove the files from your PC. A secure file deletion program which rewrites over the preceding file’s space will halt data recovery. For additional safety, clear the Windows Page File.

  • Log out from every social media account

One of the most sensitive data that a person can have in his personal laptop is numerous social media accounts. Before giving your device for laptop repair in Delhi, ensure that you log out from every social media account you use. To get the right services, go online and search for a laptop repair service near me.

  • Clear cache and history

Many of us do not think of removing cache and history from their browser before a laptop repair. Since the computer browser saves images, website names, etc, any person can get an idea of what you search. You must delete the history before giving your personal laptop to a laptop service shop. Any third party can sneak into your browser data, so it is better to clear both cache and history.

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