Some tips to keep fit after 60 years

Some tips to keep fit after 60 years


To have sixty dashing, to be active and to keep a peach of hell … Today, the retirement age is synonymous with dynamism and well-being. Seniors can live longer in better health. The key to staying in shape: a healthy lifestyle. Little tips.

A healthy lifestyle is the prerequisite for enjoying good health. This is based on two precepts: a balanced diet and physical activity.

Eat well 

After 60 years, diet plays an even more important role in ensuring the proper functioning of the body despite the changes that occur: melting of muscle mass, belly fatness, progressive alteration of the five senses and the coordination of movements, weakening of the skeleton …

To maintain good health and prevent certain inconveniences such as slow transit, muscle weakness or osteoporosis or dehydration, it is essential to:

– Consume at least five fruits and vegetables a day. Sources of vitamins and antioxidants, they are also rich in fiber and promote transit. This rule is well known to the general public but little followed in practice. Summer is upon us, with its sun-kissed fruits and vegetables, so it’s the perfect time to change your habits!

– Eat whole grain bread or wholegrain products once a day and pulses at least once a week.

– Drinking without waiting to be thirsty, whether in the form of herbal teas, soups, flavored water … The whole thing is to consume the equivalent of 1.5 l per day.

– Give milk products a place of choice : four daily servings are recommended.

– Escape the monotony in the plate , partly responsible for the loss of appetite: put some color, raise your dishes with aromatic herbs, spices …

– Eat one to two servings of meat or fish each day.

– Monitor his weight regularly . Any rapid weight loss or gain should prompt a doctor.

Get moving

Daily physical activity, the equivalent of 30 minutes of brisk walking a day, can counteract the melting of muscle mass, strengthen bones, activate transit and simply feel good “in his sneakers”. You do not have to do sports, the important thing is to “move”: climbing the stairs, shopping, cycling, gardening, walking your dog …

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For those wishing to start a sport, it is necessary to talk about it before with your doctor. After an examination, he will be able to advise you the sport most adapted to your state of health: swimming, walking, cycling, gymnastics …


Have a relaxing time spent daydreaming, lounging, reading a book, watching your favorite soap opera, taking a bath or just relaxing. Feel free to take a nap if the need arises. In a word, relax.

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