The 33 Cheapest Travel Destinations In 2019

The 33 Cheapest Travel Destinations In 2018


You want to go on vacation without breaking the bank in 2018? You are in the right place. Even if experts predict that travel prices will increase this year , with ticket prices rising by 3.5%, and hotel nights by 3.7%, it is still possible to leave on a cheap trip in 2018 … if you know where to go.


We’ve sourced tips from professionals to find the best affordable travel destinations around the globe. From a captivating Italian city that gave birth to pizza, to a wonderful alternative to Bora Bora, here are the most breathtaking (and cheapest) places to add to your bucket-list. Good reading !

Where: Albufeira, Portugal

Our guide:  Tiffany Dowd is an expert on luxury hotels around the world, nicknamed “Tiffafny Luxury”. She founded Luxe Social Media. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter .

Why : If you are looking for an affordable and sunny holiday, the Algarve region in the south of Portugal should suit you. The city of Albufeira has an excellent climate, beautiful beaches, affordable apartments, and is perfectly located in the center of the region. You will find more than a hundred different restaurants, bars and clubs, as well as a beautiful old town, with very picturesque streets and squares. The food and wine are not expensive, you should take the opportunity to do tastings. Summer is obviously the most touristic season, but I love going there in late spring: the weather is so mild and sunny, with far fewer people and overnight stays in hotels are much more affordable.

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Albufeira is also well connected to nearby towns, like Loulé, famous for its market and its authenticity. I also advise you to rent a car to see the church of São Lourenço in Almancil, well known for its beautiful blue tiles. North of Lagos, you will finally find Ponta da Piedade, with its slender and reddish rock formations above the ocean. You can also enjoy a game of golf on one of the many courses in the Algarve. The best place to sleep is the You can also enjoy a game of golf on one of the many courses in the Algarve. The best place to sleep is the You can also enjoy a game of golf on one of the many courses in the Algarve. The best place to sleep is theEpic Sana Algarve , above Praia de Falésia, where you can enjoy the sun at one of the five outdoor pools, before relaxing at the spa.

Where: Zanzibar

Our guide:  Alyssa Ramos, from My Life’s a Movie , is a lonely, blogger, content creator, entrepreneur and social media lover , who travels around the world all the time and seeks to capture unparalleled destinations with her photos unique and his detailed advice. His slogan: “your dreams will not come true without you”.

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Why:  Zanzibar may have the reputation of being a honeymoon destination for busy purses, but according to this lonely adventurer, it’s way cheaper than you think. And above all, it’s really beautiful. The ferry between Tanzania and Zanzibar costs only € 30 (€ 40 for a VIP seat), and flights are usually less than € 80. There are certainly many luxurious resorts like Tulia Zanzibar and Melia Zanzibar , which you should try if you can afford it (Tulia has a river in the middle of the jungle, and inflatable islands … Need more?). But there are also more affordable options. For example, I found an Airbnb, the Surf Escape, only 33 € per night, at the edge of the beach and a school of surfing, paddle and windsurfing.

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