The kids love gardening. Tips for throwing them

The kids love gardening. Tips for throwing them


Children do not like vegetables? To make them change their minds, teach them to garden! A beautiful lesson in life and respect for nature. Hours of shared pleasure in perspective.


Most kids love gardening. By following these tips, you will put all the odds on their side.

Give them a small piece of land  (maximum 2 x 2 m) or a wooden tray for kitchen garden square or a vegetable garden.

• Give them a set of tools , preferably colored, suitable for small hands. Ask them to clean it and store it after use.

• Do not install their minipotager in a hidden or lost corner. To promote the success of their crops, choose a well-located spot in the sun.

• Opt for vegetables and flowers that are easy to grow and have a plus : a taste that kids love, flowers that will look great in vase. This will enhance and encourage the work of young gardeners.

• Do not use old seeds or damaged plants,  you must instead use quality products to increase the chances of success.

A garden area reserved for children that is too big and therefore requires too much maintenance (especially with regard to weeding) is doomed to failure and is likely to disgust children forever with the pleasures of gardening.

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• It’s obviously more fun if you have a family garden. For the little ones, from 3 to 4 years old, the presence of an adult is essential to explain and help.

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