Why does Google Panda 4.0 require you to heal your SEO?

Google Panda


First of all, what is Panda 4.0?

No it is not the latest model of the latest Fiat panda nor the latest version of the famous WWF logo.

Google Panda 4.0 is a filter that touches natural SEO says SEO.

This is the latest variant of the algorithm created by Google in 2011 to promote sites that produce quality content relevant to Internet users.

The American giant strengthens its strategy of “policeman of the web” by imposing its rules and its visibility policy, by encouraging the good practices of referencing and by excluding the doubtful methods, thus penalizing the fraudulent sites.

He is assisted by Google Penguin (Google loves to give animal names to its search filters) which sanctions sites that use the abusive methods of linking (link exchange) or black hat SEO methods that consist in abusing techniques SEO to get to the top of the search engine results pages.

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In professional jargon, they are called the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). These techniques are heavily penalized by Google who will not hesitate to permanently deindex your site and place it in the sandbox *, nightmare webmasters!

What types of sites are penalized?

• Bad quality sites that abuse “content spinning”: the technique of using the base of a text and duplicating it on different sites using paraphrases to avoid duplicate content (ultimately only one content will be indexed).

• Sites abusing spam dexing: content on optimized keywords, site aggregators diverting web pages, misuse of aliases (variety of naming a same site) domain or subdomains …

Which are the most penalized sites?

• Price comparators.
• Q & A sites and opinion sites.
• Directory sites without an editorial line.

In the US searchmetrics site has published a list of winners and losers of Panda 4.0. Thus the Ebay e-commerce site has lost 33% of visibility, the news aggregator site Ask has lost more than 50% of presence in the SERP.

It will be interesting to wait for the results in France and I will not fail to communicate them to you as soon as they are published. It is certain that this new Google strategy will satisfy some and annoy others …

To reassure you, check that your site is not blacklisted, on the site ranks.fr .For my part, I did the test and here is the result!
http://www.joelleteper.com is currently not penalized in the results of Google: everything is fine! (and it is not me who says it!).

If the content of your site complies with the instructions of Google called “white-hat”, if it is regularly renewed, if it is of quality and meets the standards of the W3C **. If it is ergonomic, easy to access, coded in html5 and css3, you do not have to worry about it.

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If you need advice, contact me ! Together we will consider an effective SEO strategy that complies with the requirements of the Panda.To learn more about black-hat techniques, I recommend this article from the newspaper du net . To use at your own risk …

* Sandbox: in French: sandbox: the purgatory of google!
** W3C: World Wide Web Consortium charged with implementing web standards.

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