Why Should You Use the Accessibe WordPress Plugin for Your Business Website?

WordPress Plugin for Your Business Website


WordPress accessibility will help your business website keep hefty fines and litigation away. In the USA, it is mandatory that your site be accessible to everyone on the Internet, including people with some form of physical disability. If you do not make your WordPress site accessible to everyone, you will face litigation, and this will cost your business dear.

The Accessibe WordPress Plugin is an innovative tool to help you improve the accessibility of your WordPress site. There are several advantages of accessibility, and they have been outlined below-

1. Accessible sites are faster– They are simple for users to access, giving them a better experience that, in turn, leads to enhanced search engine optimization. People with disabilities can read the content on your site and enjoy the products and services you provide in the market.

2. Grow your targeted audience– In the world, people with disabilities constitute a significant portion of the population. If you fail to make your site accessible to them, you will lose out on a host of sales opportunities. It is important for you to create a site to serve your clients effectively. Serving this population is a wise thing to do for your business. It is good for web traffic and helps you increase revenue from the site as well.

3. Boost your site’s usability– Accessibility is concentrated on people with disabilities. However, some tasks boost the usability factor of your business site, as with them, you can clean HTML code and make the UI simple to navigate. If the site is completely accessible, you do not need a mouse for navigation. This means users get an enhanced experience that is clean. Moreover, having image alt text, a glossary, better website speed, and more will make your site simpler to use.

4. Boost your site rankings– The goal of Google is to offer a helpful and relevant user experience to visitors online. The better the experience offered; the more visitors trust the search engine. This is why Google pays a lot of attention to site accessibility, and its search algorithm rewards those sites that make an earnest effort to offer accessibility to online visitors. Besides the above, the other factors that boost ranking are-

  • The addition of video scripts.
  • Accessible navigation.
  • The addition of alt tags or image alt texts, etc.

When you have a fully accessible website, you are able to create a positive impact on your targeted audience and boost your company to every visitor online.

From the above, it is evident there is an overlap between SEO and accessibility. As a business owner of a WordPress site, it is important for you to focus on the importance of accessibility to see better search engine ranks in the future. Moreover, it is crucial for you to align your site’s goals with Google to attain a competitive edge in the market too! The Accessibe WordPress Plugin helps your business to enjoy these benefits.

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